Replacing ticketing through a unified view of each customer.

Track customer behaviour over time to build a comprehensive and unified customer journey map for each customer. Only then can you provide human and contextual customer experiences.

CUstomer Journey Timeline

Immediately understand the context of each conversation

The Quickdialog customer journey mapping tool allows you to vizualize comprehensive customer journeys for each customer, giving context to every interaction.

Track engagement activity, purchase activity, CRM data points for each customer, e-commerce behaviour,  accessible at the touch of a button. This gives your agents all the information they need to deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Integrate with 3rd party apps

Build comprehensive customer journey timelines and profiles by intergrating with your CRM and favourite apps. The more apps that you integrate, the better you’ll understand your customer journey.

customer journey mapping

Your Ultimate Guide To Customer Journey Mapping

In the era of customer centricity, it has become a necessity to understand the customer journey. Not doing so will lead to customer experience initiatives being implemented inefficiently and with no context. To avoid this we’ve created the ‘Ultimate Guide To Customer Journey Mapping’, so there is no excuse for not putting your customer’s first! We’ve even included a free customer journey template!

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