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The # 1 WhatsApp Business API Solutions

Our pre-built WhatsApp Business Solutions allow you to create a presence on the world’ most popular messaging app.

WhatsApp For Business API

One WhatsApp Number, Multiple Users

WhatsApp For Teams

Use one phone number shared by members of all teams. Assign, categorize and automate conversations across all departments.​

WhatsApp Notifications & Template Messages

Drive Engagment

Enjoy open rates of >90%, drive engagement and conversion through the world’s most popular messaging app. Reach out to customer’s through the Quickdialog Broadcast Module or drive inbound leads through linking your WhatsApp do your advertising and email programs.​

WhatsApp For Customer Support

Customer Support

Open up WhatsApp as your primary customer support channel and move complaints and queries from public spaces such as Social Media to the privacy of a private conversation.

WhatsApp Business API

5 Reasons You Should Be Using WhatsApp To Speak To Your Customers

In August 2018, the WhatsApp Business API was released in beta. With its release, has come a whole new era of customer communication, one championing two-way, trustworthy and secure conversations between brands and their customers. As an app, WhatsApp has quickly become the most popular way for friends and family to enjoy quick and convenient conversations, delivered privately and securely. ith 1.6 billion users globally, spanning 180 countries and delivering 60 billion messages each day, WhatsApp’s position as consumer’s preferred method of communication is more than secure.

How To Get Started

Create A Quickdialog Account

Create a Quickdialog account and enjoy a two week free trial.

WhatsApp Business API

If you already have a WhatsApp For Business API account provide us with the certificate. If you do not, we can help onboard you onto the program!

Delight Your Customers

Start using the WhatsApp Business API with Quickdialog and drive great customer experiences!