Multiple Channels, Managed Through A Shared Inbox.

Divide and conquer. Bring all your digital conversations across all channels into one shared inbox.  

Built with agent experience at the forefront

The Quickdialog platform was built with user experience at the centre. This means the platform is packed full of functionality to remove mundane, manual tasks to allow agents to spend their time on what matter – building strong customer relationships.

Intelligent bot to human handover

Let AI powered virtual agents take care of common queries and automatically hand over to live agents when required.

Conversational solutions built with your business in mind

Customer Care Agents

Quickdialog provides all the intuitive tools required for customer care agents to offer unapparelled customer care across all digital channels. 

Customer Experience Strategists

Quickdialog’s customisable and flexible nature means that all customer experience use cases can be deployed no matter how obscure.

Sales Teams

Quickdialog’s clever bot-to-agent handover functionality means that sales teams can create new revenue opportunities at scale. 

What's included: core features

Be where your customers are, and transform the way you do business

Consumers expect companies to be available on the same channels that they talk to their friends and families on and companies that are not risk falling behind. Talk to our team to find out more.