Build and grow relationships across messaging channels

Quickdialog enables brands to deliver exceptional customer experiences across messaging channels – through combining smart AI automation and human interaction.

Deliver unparalleled customer experiences at all stages of the customer journey through AI powered messaging.

Manage all messaging touchpoints along the customer journey from one intuitive, AI powered platform.

Customer support, engagement and sales teams use Quickdialog to unlock the power of conversational messaging and deliver great customer experiences at scale.


AI powered conversations across all channels

Balance AI with human interaction across all channels to deliver exceptional customer experiences across support and commerce functions

One virtual agents, all channels

Save costs, reduce response time and create new revenue opportunities with one virtual agent deployed across all channels

Intelligent agent to human handover

Allow human intervention at any point of a conversation with Quickdialog’s proprietary bot-to-human handover technology.   

Visual, NLP experiences driving conversational commerce

Leverage NLP (Natural Language Processing) and rich visual responses to drive conversational commerce across all channels


Create a unified view of each customer

Immediately gain context for each conversation with a complete view of each customer across all channels 

360 Digital customer profile

Create a unified customer profile across social media, messaging channels, live chat and more for a comprehensive digital profile.

All context immediately accessible

Conversation history, purchase history and more is mapped to an individual customer timeline allowing your users to concentrate on what matters – building a customer relationship.

customer journey mapping

Consolidate and collaborate on all conversations

Use individual or shared inboxes to bring together and collaborate on conversations from all channels.

Assign, categories and automate

Assign, categories and prioritise conversations so no customer query is ever missed.

Monitor and orchestrate

Monitor conversations across all users and channels with a consolidated Conversations Feed view.


Become truly omnichannel

Offer a truly omnichannel experience by managing conversations across messaging channels, social media, live chat and email from one AI powered platform.

WhatsApp Business API

Be present on the world’s most popular messaging app.

Report on and manage all channels from one place

Remove the need for accessing multiple platforms through one consolidated view.

Use Cases

Build conversational experiences

Reduce costs, response and resolution time with Quickdialog's customer support solution.

Explore our customer support features

Foster strong customer relationships and send critical messages on channels that matter with Quickdialog's customer engagement solutions.

Explore our customer engagment solutions.

Open up new revenue opportunities with Quickdialog's conversational commerce solutions.

Explore our conversational commerce solutions.

Be where your customers are, and transform the way you do business

Consumers expect companies to be available on the same channels that they talk to their friends and families on and companies that are not risk falling behind. Talk to our team to find out more.

Conversational solutions built with your business in mind

Customer Care Agents

Quickdialog provides all the intuitive tools required for customer care agents to offer unapparelled customer care across all digital channels. 

Customer Experience Strategists

Quickdialog’s customisable and flexible nature means that all customer experience use cases can be deployed no matter how obscure.

Sales Teams

Quickdialog’s clever bot-to-agent handover functionality means that sales teams can create new revenue opportunities at scale. 

Integrate with your wider digital eco system

Integrate Quickdialog with your wider eco-system and benefit from seamless operational efficiencies.

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