Data Security is our priority

Keeping your account and customer data safe is paramount to the way we operate and approach our platform development. Hopefully this page answers any questions you might have on this topic, if not, please reach out to us for more information.

Is our data stored securely?

Absolutely, all data stored in QuickDdalog is done so in Amazon servers who utilize industry leading security measures.

Do you share or sell our data?

No. Your customer data belongs to you, we simply provide technology to allow to get the most out of it and deliver best in class customer experiences.

All Communication Is Encrypted

All communication between the Quickdialog platform and your browser is encrypted and utilises HTTPS protacoll and SSL certificates. This ensures the integrity and privacy of your customer data. 

All data stored on Amazon's secure servers

We store all your customer data on in Amazon’s secure servers in either Ireland or Singapore (depending on your location).

We use Amazon Web Services for our cloud insfrastucture, which is the most secure and scalable in the market.